Breaking Fads: 6 Ways to Sort Fitness Fad from Fitness Fact

“A new diet has just emerged!” “Get a flat stomach without strenuous exercise!” “Greasy, highly-saturated fat bacon will now make you lose weight!” “See how Scarlett Johansson got in her best shape for The Avengers in 30 days!” False advertising and exaggerated claims plague our news feed and creep into our subconscious every single day.Continue reading “Breaking Fads: 6 Ways to Sort Fitness Fad from Fitness Fact”

Have Shoulder Pain? Read this.

Shoulder injuries are pretty common. From torn rotator cuffs to torn labrums and SLAP tears, there are lots of way to mess up your shoulder. Most people think that they “tweaked” their shoulder and then went to the doctor. The surprising thing however is that most shoulder injuries can be easily prevented with proper exerciseContinue reading “Have Shoulder Pain? Read this.”

The Four Steps to Building Muscle

One the great things that has happened in the past decade is that weightlifting has become a lot more commonplace for both men and women. Women in particular are becoming a lot more confident in lifting weights thanks to social media efforts. The one problem I find with this weightlifting movement however is that probablyContinue reading “The Four Steps to Building Muscle”