Intuitive Eating: Part III

A little while ago, I started a blog series about Intuitive Eating, a book written by¬†Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole. This book literally changed my life and changed my outlook on food, health, and self-love. If you would like to revisit two of my previous posts on intuitive eating, you can find them here andContinue reading “Intuitive Eating: Part III”

Intuitive Eating: Part II

Last week I discussed what intuitive eating is and how to become more mindful of your eating patterns. This post will summarize the first 3 principles of the main 10 principles of intuitive eating from the book, Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole and how they can lead you to making more intuitiveContinue reading “Intuitive Eating: Part II”

Intuitive Eating: Part I

How many times have you heard, “If I can just be perfect all week with my diet, I can have a cheat meal on Saturday?” Maybe you’ve said this to yourself, heard a coworker in the hallway or a friend who stopped over. It sounds like the perfect plan, right? Eating perfectly throughout the weekContinue reading “Intuitive Eating: Part I”