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Q: How does online training work?

A: Online training allows us to design and deliver you a customized workout program that will help you reach your goals. We assess our clients by gathering information and using video footage (optional) that they submit upon their initial assessment with us. All workout programs are sent through the Eon Fitness App.


Q: Is online training as effective as in-person training?

A: There are many benefits to both forms of coaching, however, with systems, video demonstrations, and educational content, we are able to proactively coach you on your mistakes before you even make them! It is these features that make online training as effective if not superior to in-person coaching. Your program sends your coach an alert for any missed appointments and provide you the same accountability that you might have when working with a trainer in-person.

Q: What are the benefits of online training vs. in-person training?

A: There are numerous benefits to online training, almost too many to count, but we have listed a few here.

Time: Workout on your schedule, and not your coach’s. They set the daily plan; you set the time.

Affordability: Personal training sessions typically run $60 – $100 per hour in-person. This often limits the frequency clients can feasibly train each week which hinders progress. By providing coaching services remotely, we are able to offer a complete experience for 1 to 7 days per week at a fraction of the cost.

Value: Having a fitness professional provide guidance remotely gives you more access to ask questions when they matter most, both in and out of the gym. With weekly email support, office hours for direct messaging, and loads of fitness content & videos, you receive more than just a tough workout; you’re delivered a blueprint for sustainable success!

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Q: How do I see my workouts on my phone? What app do you use?

A: After we begin working together, we will send you an invitation to join the free Eon Fitness phone app, which has been customized and powered by Trainerize.

The app will deliver your entire fitness program in an organized calendar so that you never have to guess what you should be doing to progress your results. It will also track and provide data for all measurements, personal records, and nutritional data if you have logged them.

Q: What if I don’t have unlimited data on my phone? Can I still benefit from the program?

A: Yes! Your workouts can easily convert to a .pdf file and can be printed along with all instructions and workout descriptions. You can always log your values manually on your hardcopy and track everything later in the app.

Q: Can I view my workouts on my computer?

A: Yes! The app has been provided for maximum convenience, but you may also view all of your progress and your workout plan from here.